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Women Empowerment

No country can reach the pinnacle of progress until women walk shoulder to shoulder. In today's modern times, women empowerment is a big topic of discussion. At this time, many types of work are also being done all over the world for the development of women. The important goal of women empowerment is related to poverty and unemployment. Most of the men fulfill the needs of the family, so the extra income of the woman helps the family financially a lot.

Many women are the mistresses of many talents, but due to lack of proper guidance, the development of the country along with women remains incomplete. Women are being helped by the Government of India from time to time through various schemes such as self-help groups, training programs etc.
In this campaign to make women self-reliant, Sewa Foundation is trying its best.
To establish self-employment, it is necessary to have technical knowledge, money and product sales. To fulfill the same, the organization tries to provide loans through government and non-government or micro finance along with technical knowledge and sales. After the loan, the group gets the arrangement for machine tools, clothes marketing etc. from that amount for sewing work. Through the organization, a loan of 50000 to 1 lakh is provided to the woman, so that after the fulfillment of the necessities, the sale is done on the e-commerce website . women are being taught to work by making their own factory in an industrial way. The woman is made to work according to the piece rate so that she can learn the quality of working independently after getting rid of the installments. Cash on delivery service is available for selling products made by the group. The products made by women are of international standard, Which is not very difficult to sell because we sell clothes in a modern way and at a competitive rate.


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