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Joint Operation of NGO

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

As we all know that the work of any organization is to develop the society and the country, in which it takes the help of government and non-government schemes, with this a single institution cannot complete all the tasks, that is why we have various other friend ngos whom We are connecting with us so that maximum people of the country can get the benefits of the schemes, we are establishing training centers and self-employment units in various villages and cities with these ngos.

Due to which the needy can be connected with self-employment in their place after training, he will also be able to fight the complex problem of migration from this.

With reference to the above subject, you are informed that Sewa Foundation is contacting you to work in our Swarozgar Sewa Yojana so that both of us can make better employment scheme for the upliftment of needy women. To start employment of women, We will help them to get loans from government or non-government institutions so that they can establish their self-employment, we and you will guide the women and make every effort so that women's self-employment can pick up pace. For this, your organization will have to submit the documents of women which will be sent to the concerned bank or department. Women will get support in starting their own business or work easily with your and our cooperation. Our organization will also sell the products manufactured by them through our website. Documents of women will be taken in soft copy which will also reduce the extra cost.


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