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Welcome to the SEWA Foundation

Service to Men Service to God

नर सेवा नारायण सेवा


We welcome volunteers to come and join us free of cost. Help us in the upliftment of the society, only discussion on the problems arising in the country is not going to work, on this it is very important for us and all of you to play our part to find a solution, let's make a happy society together.

 Service to Men   Service to God

The S.E.W.A.(Social and Economical Welfare Activities) Foundation  is a non profit trust which is leading in society and country welfare. There are various types of issues on which the organization is working. Firstly, the institution wants to reduce the ratio of unemployment to the society.

The institution will also work on various other aspects, which will give strength to the young and the needy.

Your contribution to the society is the donation to our organization, an organization does not only need money for the upliftment of the society, but positive thinking people are needed. With this thinking, we can make every person in the society aware of their rights and duties.

NGO's Working Together


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